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MetArt Edwige A - Dinamita - 貼圖 - 歐美寫真 -

Edwige AAge: 20Eye color: brownHair color: brownHeight: 165cmWeight: 48kgBreast size: mediumMeasurements: 89/61/91Country: Czech RepublicEthnicity: CaucasianBio: I study at the university for photography and cinema. My hobbies are traveling and shopping. For now I am living in a dormitory with a lot of students and some times it is fun. I have a lot of new friends there. I also like working as a model because it gives me the freedom having money while also gives me more confidence. I hope you enjoy my photos and I put my whole heart in this.

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描述: MetArt Edwige A - Dinamita - 貼圖 - 歐美寫真 -